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Product Purity and Patient Safety Are Our Top Priorities

Axia Pharmaceutical is an FDA-registered, full-service 503B outsourcing facility. We manufacture the highest quality injectable medications using stringent processes to ensure product purity and patient safety. We adhere to all applicable cGMP requirements and meet or exceed USP Chapter <797> requirements.

We use FDA-approved components and packaging containers to provide our customers with high quality and safe injectable pharmaceuticals. We use sterile processes at each stage of manufacturing, as well as rigorous in-house quality assurance and quality control procedures to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality medications every single time.

Mission Statement

"Axia Pharmaceutical‘ss core values — patient safety, flawless quality, operational excellence, top-notch customer service, and a respectful and collaborative work environment —best define our organization and our people. They also form the nucleus of what differentiates Axia Pharmaceutical from others in our industry."
- Chief Executive Officer

Our People

We hire only the best in the industry, represented by our staff that includes scientists, technicians, and Pharm.D professionals. All of our staff members are fully accredited and undergo semiannual training to ensure that they can use the latest technology and equipment safely and reliably.

This training includes the following, as appropriate:

  • General policies and procedures
  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Storage and handling
  • Facilities and equipment
  • Aseptic gowning
  • Aseptic techniques and preparation
  • Process validation
  • Expiration dating
  • Labeling
  • End-preparation evaluation
  • Current good documentation practices
  • Media-fill testing according to USP Chapter <797> standards